Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This website, New York To London Flight Time, and our third-party providers use cookies to store and manage user preferences, gather analytical and usage data, and enhance the overall user experience. This policy outlines the types of cookies we use, their purposes, and how you can control and manage them.

What Are Cookies:

Cookies are small text files that are placed on a computer or device to identify the user or device and collect information. Cookies are typically categorized into four types based on their function and purpose: strictly necessary cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, and cookies for targeting and advertising.

For more general information on cookies, you can refer to the Wikipedia article on HTTP Cookies.

How We Use Cookies:

We use cookies for various reasons as detailed below. Unfortunately, in most cases, there are no industry standard options to disable cookies without completely deactivating the functionality and features they provide on this site. If you are unsure whether you need cookies or not, it is recommended to keep them enabled in case they are necessary for services you use.

Disabling Cookies:

You can prevent cookies from being set by adjusting the settings in your browser (refer to your browser’s Help section for instructions). However, please note that disabling cookies will impact the functionality of this website and many others that you visit. Disabling cookies will usually result in the loss of certain features and functionality on this site. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not disable cookies.

The Cookies We Set:

We only use cookies to save your preferences regarding cookies on this site; we do not store any personal information.

Third-Party Cookies:

This site uses third-party cookies, which fall into the following categories: performance cookies and cookies for advertising purposes. The following section provides details on the third-party cookies you may encounter while browsing this site:

Google Analytics: This site utilizes Google Analytics, one of the most widely used and trusted analytics solutions on the web, to help us understand how you use the site and improve your experience. These cookies may track information such as the duration of your site visit and the pages you access, enabling us to produce engaging content. All information collected by these cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous.

For more information on Google Analytics cookies, please visit the official Google Analytics page.

Google AdSense: We use the Google AdSense service to serve advertisements, which may employ several cookies to combat fraud and abuse, apply frequency capping, and provide aggregated ad reporting. When you access this website for the first time, a cookie notice will be displayed. If you consent to receiving personalized ads, certain cookies may be used for this purpose.

For further information on Google AdSense, please consult the official Google AdSense privacy FAQ.

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